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Ski Resort, hydro electric plant, Water
Property Description

Available for sale.

Possible uses Ski resort, entertainment, attractions, hotel.

Water bottling company, drinking water, fish hatchery, hydro electric plant.

Water test available upon request, elevation 8000 feet.

Molybdenum Next Generation Battery!

Tungsten, Molybdenum mining.


The future battery with 4 - 5 times more power "Molybdenum Next Generation Battery"

Based on this research, molybdenum technology could replace cobalt and deliver at least 4 to 5 times more power than the cobalt-based batteries!

Increasing social concern regarding the global energy crisis and environmental pollution has stimulated worldwide research of the sustainable and renewable energy storage systems. Today, the way that energy is stored is as important as how it is generated. Modern battery technology moves electric cars, assists with storing emergency power, keeps satellites used for national security in orbit and powers portable electronic devices which has made nearly every aspect of life, mobile. Emerging technology is making it conceivable that airplanes and even entire cities could soon be powered by batteries and solar energy.  


Since mid-2016, numerous academic studies have been published, worldwide, demonstrating that the use of molybdenum in various states and compounds improves battery performance by several times. Research indicates that the improvements are evident in all types of batteries not only lithium-ion batteries. Currently, scientists are refining the various materials to optimize the technology. With these developments, it is certain that new molybdenum-based materials will revolutionize the battery market and increase the demand for molybdenum. Molybdenum, in battery usage, developed through using the strategic metal in electrodes. Research data illustrates a major leap in performance from the current Specific Energy Level which is in the 150 to 240 range to the molybdenum-enhanced level of 500 to 700 range. Initial tests displayed instabilities in the use of bulk molybdenum which resulted in conductivity problems.  During 2016-2017, scientists investigating molybdenum began mixing molybdenum with various compounds including graphene/graphite which appears to have resolved problems by stabilizing the materials and their use in batteries.  


Findings from recent studies (Choia et al April 2017, Korea)1 on molybdenum(MOS2) usages in lithium-ion batteries.  The Bare MOS2 line shows excellent initial Specific Energy (capacity) but over time (cycles) the performance degrades.  By mixing in various percentages of graphene with the molybdenum (MOS2) the stability and consistency improves to reach a stable Specific Energy of over 1000 units which would be 4 times the current Specific Energy of the best commercial batteries.


Data regarding the effect of molybdenum-based electrodes on sodium-ion batteries.  The existing battery technology for both sodium and lithium is indicated by the grey dots.   Adding molybdenum increases the Specific Energy to the top  end of the existing batteries upgrading to 260 units. Adding both molybdenum and graphite to the battery electrode increases performance to almost 550 units which doubles the power of the existing technology.


By far, the largest sector in the battery industry is lithium-ion based batteries. Experiments worldwide have heavily concentrated research and development in this area. Three types of studies involving molybdenum have been completed using either bulk molybdenum, mixing lithium and molybdenum together, or molybdenum graphite/graphene combinations.


Data relative to Specific Energy (capacity). Current lithium-ion battery capacity indicates between 125 and 240 units. The addition of molybdenum shows improvements over existing technology up to 783 units. The addition of both molybdenum and graphite/graphene increase performance to over 1200 units which is 5 to 6 times that of current battery technology.


Conclusion Overwhelming scientific research makes the case for the addition of molybdenum to existing battery technology. It clearly demonstrates that the next generation of electric batteries will integrate the use of a combination of molybdenum and graphene/graphite. It is projected that there will be increasing supply constraints and associated increases in prices for molybdenum, as a result of the  demand for molybdenum in battery requirements,  which will coincide with the upcoming increase in demand from steel mills. Molybdenum-based electrodes and advancements in battery technology may lead to large shortfalls in the global molybdenum supply. Currently, molybdenum prices are depressed but the upcoming increase in demand will result in serious price appreciation in the short term. An examination of the battery industry demand for cobalt shows that it has affected all aspects of the production and development of cobalt. 

 Based on this research, molybdenum technology could replace cobalt and deliver at least 4 to 5 times more power than the cobalt-based batteries. The impact of molybdenum on the battery industry is still developing but all research is projecting favorable outcomes. 


*Above Molybdenum Next Generation Battery article available upon request.


Pine Creek Mine - Biggest drilled proven Tungsten Mine in the World!


Pine Creek mine started in 1916, mining of Tungsten, molybdenum, copper, ore bodies of Tungsten.
From 1937 - 1990 mining at Pine Creek mine for 54 years. The mine produced 8.4 million short-ton units of Tungsten (WO,3) from 16.2 million short tons of raw ore. An average grade of .6% WO converted to pure Tungsten metal. This would constitute a cube 48 feet on each side with a density 19.3 times that of water, at 66,000 tons. In addition 25.4 million pounds of molybdenum products, and 36.6 million pounds of copper were recovered. Precious metals production totaled 1.8 million oz. of Silver and 3600 oz of Gold.
1990, Pine Creek Mine is singlely responsible for 37% of total US Tungsten production to date. Such a record puts Pine Creek Mine in the ranks of "World Class" mineral deposits.

Portal mine opening travels 2.5 miles into the mine.

Minerals, tungsten, molybdenum, scheelite, cooper, gold, aggregates.


Property provides the best drinking water in the world, from a spring producing water at 10 million gallons per minute 50 parts per million, hydro electric generator producing 1000 kw 24/7, waterfalls, ponds,electricity, seclusion, privacy like no other property!


*Water test available upon request.


Opportunities for Ski Resort, Water Bottling Company, aggregates, hydro electric plant, possible fish hatchery.

A endless world of possibilties here at this property.

Owner would like to stay on as consultant.

Facts and Features
Type: Special Use
Lot Size: 235 ac
Year Built::
Uses: Ski Resort, hydro electric plant, Water Bottling Co. drinking water, Tungsten, Molybdenum, aggregates mining, fish hatchery.


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